Our job is to make your vehicle look and perform like it did before your wreck.


We work with all major insurance companies to make your repair experience as worry-free as possible.


We offer 24/7 towing assistance. After a loss, tow your vehicle to Sherrill Paint and Body, even if it may be deemed a “total loss”.

Sherrill Paint and Body

Collision Repair You Can Trust

Sherrill Paint and Body Co. is Birmingham’s premier shop for collision damage repair. We strive to give our customers a stress-free collision repair experience. Sustaining damage to your automobile is aggravating, especially if you are in an accident with another vehicle. Dealing with the insurance company, and another party in the accident is a hassle that no one wants to experience. This is why our goal at Sherrill is to provide each of our customers with world-class service from start to finish. We have proven that we can do this time and time again in our almost 90 years in business in Birmingham.

Mint Condition

As an independent locally owned business, we can guarantee the attention to detail that we give each car. Our fastidious technicians ensure that every automobile leaves our shop looking new. There will be no sign of damage when we are done. This is true whether you were in a fender bender or your frame is knocked severely out of alignment.

Frame Damage

Frame damage is a culprit that can disguise itself as other issues. Even the slightest bend to the car’s structure can have a negative effect on a car’s drivability. If you think your car is having suspension or alignment problems, it could actually be frame damage.

There are basically two different styles when it comes to a car’s construction, body-on-frame, and unibody. With body-on-frame cars, the frame, and the body are two separate parts. This is the traditional style. The unibody design welds the frame directly to the automobile’s chassis. If you think your car is having suspension or alignment problems, it could actually be frame damage.

We have the most advanced equipment available for fixing both body-on-frame and unibody damage. Our certified technicians can diagnose and repair any issue you’re having with the exterior of your auto. Don’t be fooled, what you think is another problem could actually be a bent frame. Even the most minimal collision damage to your car or truck’s frame should be immediately remedied.

Full Service

We employ only the best technicians in collision repair Birmingham! Our technicians can fix any auto body or paint issue, ranging from the most severe damage all the way down to a minuscule paint scratch. There is no collision repair job too big or too small. Our customer service representatives work with all major insurance companies to make the process of completing a collision repair claim painless for all of our clientele. For cars with extreme damage, we offer 24/7 towing service. If your car has sustained collision damage, bring it in today for a free estimate to get your car back on the road looking like it just left the car lot. We are also an Infiniti Certified Collision Repair Facility and a Nissan Certified Collision Repair Facility along with being certified for other vehicle lines. Our Blue Sky Body Shops location on Roebuck also offers full service collision and auto body repair.

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