When your car is in a collision, it can seem like the end of the world. You may think your vehicle could never possibly be restored to its original condition. Fortunately, with the help of a reputable auto body repair shop and replacement parts direct from the car manufacturer, you can count on once again seeing your vehicle returned to its original luster and glory. You car will leave our repair shop looking even better than it did before your accident in some cases. Sherrill Paint & Body has devoted nearly nine decades to honing the necessary experience and building the reputation for excellence that makes it Birmingham, AL’s premier car body replacements center. You can trust the team at Sherrill Paint & Body for expert body part replacement for a finished product that is seamless, beautiful and virtually undetectable to the naked eye.

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The highly-skilled technicians at Sherrill Paint & Body are extremely well-versed in ensuring a perfect match between your vehicle’s original parts and body paint and the replacement parts following a collision. We understand the extreme importance of getting it right the first time. We will not settle for anything less than a near-perfect result. Sherrill Paint and Body technicians are not satisfied with their work until you are satisfied! We guarantee a top-quality body part replacement for every customer we serve. Our goal is to have you drive away looking and feeling as though your collision never even happened. That’s the Sherrill Paint & Body promise!

How does our dedicated, experienced team perform such exquisite body work on each vehicle we service? The combination of years upon years of expert workmanship, state-of-the art technology and, above all, commitment to customer satisfaction are our secret formula for the excellent work we do. We are able to retrieve replacement parts for virtually every make and model of vehicle. We order parts directly from the manufacturer, so you don’t have to be stuck with third-party aftermarket parts. This prevents you car from ending up with poor fit and shoddy end results. Our team can even track down specialty parts from high-end car manufacturers and late model vehicles. You can be sure the end result will bring you 100% satisfaction.  You won’t want to go anywhere else in Birmingham once you have experienced what Sherrill Paint & Body has to offer!

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When you have experienced a collision, you want your vehicle to go back to the way it looked before. Let Sherrill Paint & Body help you to achieve the outcome you want, at the competitive pricing you need. With nearly 90 years of experience under our belts and our commitment to total customer satisfaction, Birmingham’s clear choice for auto body replacement is Sherrill Paint & Body. Call us today at 205-322-5684 to schedule your no-obligation consultation appointment for body replacements.

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