Being involved in a collision is one of the worst experiences you can have as a driver. For one thing, an auto accident can come with its fair share of fallout, even if you and the driver of the other car are fortunate enough to have not sustained any injuries. Whether your auto collision is minor or severe, you’re looking at significant repairs that can take days, weeks or even months for an auto body shop to perform. We’re here to help you figure out how long the body damage from your collision will take to fix, and what you can do to help make the process go as smoothly and quickly as possible.

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What’s the Damage?

First and foremost, it makes sense that cars that have sustained more damage in a collision take more time to repair. After all, a vehicle that was involved in a little fender bender should have less overall damage than a car that was broadsided at 40 miles per hour. Minor repairs, like a replacement bumper, should only take your preferred auto body shop a couple of days to fix, while more extensive repairs could take much longer. All in all, a good auto body shop always tries to get the repair work finished before the end of the 30-day rental period granted by insurance companies. If more time is needed due to extenuating circumstances, like a part being on back order from the manufacturer, you will need to speak with your insurance agent about obtaining an extension for your rental vehicle.

Get the Estimate

Once a claims adjuster has made an assessment and your auto body technician has had a chance to properly survey the damage to your vehicle, the repair shop can provide your auto insurance company with an estimate to get the repair process started. It may be a good idea to get several estimates from local auto body centers to present to your insurance company. By working closely with your insurance company, scheduling the first available appointment with the claims adjuster, and providing all the necessary information to expedite the paperwork that goes along with submitting an insurance claim, your body work will be able to get underway in less time.

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The Waiting Game

After you’ve been involved in an auto collision, you may either opt to tow your vehicle to the closest possible body shop, or you may ask the tow truck driver to take your car to a repair center you already know and trust, either from positive reviews and recommendations, or from good experiences you’ve had in the past. However, some auto body centers may be more popular than others, and you could be looking at a bit of a wait. It’s best to call the repair shops in your area and find out what the wait time is like before they can get to your car prior to having it towed there. If you strongly prefer one body shop over another, however, and they have a long line of repair jobs ahead of yours, it never hurts to communicate with your insurance agent and let them know that you are willing to accept a delay in your repair work in order to stick with your preferred body shop.

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