Following a collision, it’s sometimes hard to immediately spot damage to your vehicle. Only a professional can accurately assess whether the extent of the body damage is largely cosmetic, or whether the frame and unibody itself is in need of straightening. If you’ve recently been in a car accident, here are a few indicators that you may need to have frame repair work done.


Visual Signs of Damage

Often, it’s possible to know you have damage simply by looking at your car. Any visible damage to the car that causes it to look bent or distorted is a sign of frame damage. A repair specialist can straighten out your car’s frame and get it back to looking like it did before.


Hidden Signs of  Damage

Because car frames are specifically designed to absorb the full impact of a collision in order to protect the people inside the car, it is possible for it to sustain damage without being immediately visible. Even minor damage to a car can be dangerous in the event of future collisions. Each blow significantly weakens the metal and leaves passengers open to injury. Unfortunately, a number of dishonest used car dealers or private sellers will sell a car without disclosing previous collisions. Consequently, the damage often goes undetected by the new owners. Because the damage from an accident can sometimes be hard or nearly impossible to spot with the naked eye, it’s best practice to bring your vehicle into a reputable body shop to have its frame assessed.


Repair in Birmingham, AL

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