You are driving along the highway behind a dump truck and the inevitable happens—debris falls and hits your windshield, leaving behind a small chip. You probably don’t need glass replacement at this point, but if you don’t keep an eye on the chip and get it repaired as soon as possible, you might end up needing a total glass replacement in Birmingham.

When to Know You Need Glass Replacement

Chips and cracks happen, and glass breaks, but this is what the professionals are trained for. When you are driving, you are at the mercy of the road and the drivers around you, so accidents will happen. Although it isn’t always necessary to get glass replacement for small chips or cracks, it is important to keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t get worse. As you drive, your vehicle, and thus, your glass, will vibrate, usually making any untreated hairline fracture become worse. If the chip or crack affects your ability to drive safely (if it’s in your line of sight or blocks your vision in any way) or if the crack begins spreading or splintering outward, it’s time to start thinking about getting your glass replaced. This is something you don’t want to set aside and wait to get worse, because it can endanger you and can become costlier as time passes. In fact, small chips and cracks can sometimes be repaired at zero cost! Once your needs become more serious, however, some might think total glass replacement is a costly repair. Fortunately, it’s less than you might think, especially if you have good insurance. Whether it’s a deductible or you are paying for the services outright, the average glass replacement in Birmingham is around $300. Your safety is worth it.

Get Your Glass Replaced in Birmingham

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