Spring weather can be a danger to your car. Violent spring storms often bring hail that can sometimes be the size of golf balls or larger! If your car was parked in the wrong place at the wrong time and now needs hail damage repairs, Sherrill Paint & Body can help you. We offer expert hail damage repair for just about every type of vehicle. Our technicians can usually complete the job in under a couple of hours, depending on the severity of the damage. Our paintless dent removal techniques are the most cutting-edge in the business. They leave behind nothing but the smooth surface you remember from before the storm. Don’t despair over hail damage, Birmingham, AL residents- it’s Sherrill Paint & Body to the rescue!


What is Paintless Dent Removal?

Paintless dent removal is a technique that involves pushing a dent back out from inside the body of your vehicle. Special tools and a lot of care and expertise go into making sure the paint remains intact during restoration. Paintless dent removal was first used by car manufacturers back in 1930, and has come a long way since! Your hail damage will be a distant memory after our certified, skilled technicians work their paintless dent removal magic. Your vehicle will be back to its original glory in no time!


Not only does paintless dent removal keep your original factory paint intact, which helps your car retain its resale value, but it also costs much less than standard bodywork. Additionally, your repair will take a fraction of the time it takes to fully replace parts of your car’s body. However, keep in mind that if the hail damage is so extensive that it is beyond the help of paintless dent removal, our body shop is fully staffed with expert technicians who make auto body restoration an art form. Whether you are looking for paintless dent removal or a more extensive overhaul for your car following hail damage, Sherrill Paint & Body is the place to go in Birmingham, AL for all your auto body and paint needs.


For the best hail damage repair in Birmingham at a price you can afford, call Sherrill Paint & Body today to schedule a no-obligation consultation appointment. Our friendly representatives are standing by to answer your questions. Schedule your appointment for an assessment and estimate of your hail damage repairs. Call today at 205-322-5684 and kiss that hail damage goodbye!