Surface scratches, door dings, and small dents from minor fender-benders may not seem like reason enough to seek collision repair for your vehicle at first. However, when you consider the significant drop in resale value between cars in excellent condition versus those in good or fair condition, taking your car to a collision repair center for minor body damage may not be such a crazy idea. Not only can repairing minor body damage add value to your car in the long run, but it will restore your vehicle to its original, pre-accident condition, making you feel good about yourself when you drive it. Your car deserves to look its best and be free of any minor body damage that can be marring its appearance. Sherrill Paint & Body Co. helps clients in and around Birmingham, AL get their cars back to looking like new!

At Sherrill Paint & Body Co., we take every job seriously- no minor auto damage repair is too small or insignificant. No matter how small the scratch or dent, we understand the importance of our clients’ cars, as well as how even minor body damage can cause a vehicle owner to be upset. Let our skilled, certified paint and body technicians evaluate your car’s minor body damage and see how we can help get your car back to its original state. Our friendly, honest service team will give you a free estimate on the bodywork that needs to be done, along with an accurate and reliable quote free of hidden costs or ambiguity. You can trust Sherrill Paint & Body Co. to give you a fair estimate you can trust and to get the job done right the first time.

Sherrill Paint & Body Co. has been in business since 1929, but don’t let our nearly 90 years of service fool you- when it comes to the latest advances in body repair technology, we’ve got it all over the competition! We employ the most state-of-the-art technology available to come up with solutions for virtually every type of auto body damage. Even the tiniest dents and dings can benefit from the cutting-edge techniques used by our highly-experienced staff. Your car will look new again, guaranteed!

If you’ve been thinking of getting your car’s minor body damage repaired, call Sherrill Paint & Body Co. today to schedule your free, no-obligation estimate. We’ll be happy to assess the damage and provide you with an honest quote for service. What’s more, you’ll be thrilled with our unbeatable customer service and quick turnaround of your vehicle. You’ll never want to go anywhere else for auto body repair again!

If you reside in or around the Birmingham, AL area and would like a free estimate for repair of your minor body damage, call Sherrill Paint & Body Co. at (205) 322-5684. We look forward to hearing from you!