If your car has been damaged by hail, or if you have a few minor dents and dings marring its appearance, you may think you have no choice but to undergo a costly and time-consuming auto body repair. However, thanks to paintless dent removal, this may not be the case. Paintless dent removal is a great solution for hail damage, minor dents, door dings and any other cosmetic issues that may be plaguing your car. Sherrill Paint & Body is Birmingham’s choice for expert paintless dent removal at affordable prices.

How Does It Work?

The key to dent removal with harming the paint is to pop dents out from the inside, causing the surface of your car to appear smooth and virtually flawless once again. The paintless dent removal experts at Sherrill Paint & Body accomplish this by first heating up the area to be worked on with a special paintless dent removal tool, and then carefully hammering the dent out from the inside, causing the dent to smooth out and go back to its original shape. Your paintless dent removal professional will take care to get your car’s finish back to its original smooth luster, all without having to replace any parts or give your car a coat of paint. It’s as simple as that!

How Can Paintless Dent Removal Help Me?

Did you know that your car’s resale value actually decreases if it has been in a collision that resulted in auto body repair? Retain that value by opting for dent removal without harming the paint. Because all of your car’s original factory parts stay intact without needing to be replaced, having paintless dent removal performed is a good way to make sure that your car gets back to its original appearance without needing to swap out your original components for replacement parts.

Additionally, paintless dent removal often costs significantly less than traditional bodywork, which can be a relief on your wallet! Opting for paintless dent removal gives you the results you want without the high costs and downtime associated with full auto body repair services. In fact, some paintless dent removal jobs can be done while you wait, depending on the severity and location of the dent! Not only is paintless dent removal the cost-effective choice, but it’s also the convenient one!

Sherrill Paint & Body has been performing expert auto body repairs on vehicles since 1929. Our reputation and experience speaks for itself- we are one of the most trusted and dependable names in auto body repair in Birmingham, AL! For more information on our paintless dent repair services, or to schedule a consultation appointment, call Sherrill Paint & Body today at 205-322-5684. We look forward to speaking with you!