Minor dents and dings on your car can be a pain, but you shouldn’t have to undergo extensive costly and time-consuming repairs to get your car looking like new again. Thanks to the many technological advances in paintless dent removal repair, your vehicle can quickly be restored to its original condition without having to spend large amounts of time and money. In fact, paintless dent removal techniques have become so advanced and perfected over the decades that they are now the method of dent removal most recommended by auto repair experts. Here’s why paintless dent removal is your best bet for taking unsightly door dings, hail damage, and small dents away from your vehicle and leaving it looking as good as new!

Affordable– It’s no secret that auto bodywork can be an expensive proposition. This is especially important if you are paying for auto repair out of pocket, or if your insurance provider will not cover some or all of the damage incurred to your car. Luckily, paintless dent removal repair costs a fraction of the price of traditional body repair and can be just as effective on a number of types of minor body damage. Most paintless dent removal jobs start at around $100 and increase depending on the extent of the damage that needs to be fixed.

Quick– When you opt for traditional bodywork, even the best and most reliable auto body repair shop will have to keep your car for at least a few days or even weeks to allow time for installing new parts, matching paint, and other considerations that go with body repair. Not so with paintless dent removal repair- you can be in and out of your auto repair shop in as little as one hour depending on the amount of body damage that needs to be fixed. In many cases, you don’t even have to drop your vehicle off- you can just wait while the paintless dent removal work is done and then drive your new-looking car back home the same day! Nothing beats the efficiency of paintless dent removal.

Practical– Did you know that the resale value of a car is significantly higher if the vehicle still has its original factory paint? In the event of a major collision, having to get major body repair including new paint is unavoidable, but if your body damage is minor enough to benefit from paintless dent removal, auto repair specialists recommend retaining your car’s resale value and opting to get the damage fixed without disturbing the factory paint.

If you are considering paintless dent removal repair for your vehicle’s minor damage such as hail damage, door dings, dents, and more, Sherrill Paint & Body Co. is here to help! We are Birmingham’s leading authority on state-of-the-art paintless dent removal technology. We will restore your vehicle to its original condition quickly and affordably, guaranteed! Call (205) 322-5684 today to schedule your free consultation with our team of paintless dent removal repair experts.