When your car or truck needs a replacement part to be effectively repaired following a collision or incident, you may have some questions before you get the repair work done. After all, making sure the replacement body part is a perfect match is very important. The overall look and functionality of your car rely on the quality of body parts. You want to make sure the replacement part fits seamlessly into the design of the rest of your vehicle and that the site of the repair isn’t obvious to the naked eye. The only way to be confident in the integrity of the workmanship and quality of the repair is to find a highly reputable auto body shop to perform the work you need to be done.

Once you’ve found the body shop you want to do the repair on your vehicle, the technicians should let you know exactly what needs to be replaced to get your car restored to its original state. You will be presented with an estimate detailing the replacement parts necessary for repair, as well as the cost of parts plus labor and a time frame estimate so you know how long you can expect the repair work to take. If something should come up to change either the original cost estimate or the time frame estimate, your auto body repair technician should contact you right away to let you know about the changes, and also allow you to agree to the updated estimates before any more work is done on your vehicle. This way you can be sure to avoid unpleasant surprises when you receive the final bill, or if your car is in the shop for much longer than you originally anticipated.

Body shop technicians work directly with car manufacturers to get replacement vehicle parts directly from the factories. This not only guarantees a perfect match once the part has been replaced but also ensures that your replacement part will fit and operate exactly as the original part did. This commitment to consistency and matching can also help increase the resale value of your car, something that is sometimes difficult following a collision. One drawback to receiving factory-direct replacement parts is that this sometimes causes a longer wait for the parts to arrive due to the practice of “just-in-time inventory,” but this should not cause an issue as long as your auto body technician has been upfront with you about the time frame estimate.

Once the replacement components arrive and are installed on your vehicle by the body technicians, any necessary paint will be matched and applied for a virtually undetectable finish. Your vehicle will once again look just as it did prior to the collision, and you can enjoy it for years to come with the virtually undetectable repair work performed by your reputable, trustworthy auto body technician.

If your vehicle requires one or more replacement parts following a collision, Sherrill Paint & Body is here for you! Residents in and around Birmingham, AL have trusted their auto body repair to Sherrill Paint & Body for nearly 90 years, and our reputation for excellence speaks for itself. If you’re ready to get post-collision repair work done on your vehicle, contact us today at 205-322-5684.