There are few things quite so frustrating as locking yourself out of your car. If you’ve been there, you understand the helpless feeling. If you have not, prevent it from happening as much as you can. When it happens, though, you’ll want to know some quick tips you can get back into your car with minimal hassle.

Check if you and your car are safe.

Is the area around you and your car empty? Are you on the road, or in a parking lot? On a busy highway? If you feel unsafe and worry that you or your car are in danger where you’re stranded, feel free to call 911. Either the police will be dispatched or they will dispatch a tow truck driver immediately. The most important thing is your safety.

Do you or someone you know have a spare key?

Do you keep a spare key at home, or do you keep a key with a trusted friend or significant other? If so, call that person and ask them to bring the key as soon as they can. If this is not an option, continue following the steps below and make a mental note to invest in a spare key for future prevention.

Call for roadside assistance, if possible.

If you are a member of Allstate, roadside assistance AAA, or another roadside assistance organization, you’re in luck. Most new cars come with roadside assistance as part of the warranty: ideally, you’d want to check your owner’s manual for details to see if an organization covers your car. Seeing as you have locked yourself out of your car, however, call your dealership to check which organization came with your warranty.

Additionally, some highways have roadside assistance patrolling to offer emergency aid. Keep an eye out to see if they are nearby.

Call a tow truck.

If your warranty or insurance does not come with roadside insurance, you may want to call a tow truck. Look up a list of local towing services on your phone or call 411.

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