While waiting for your tow truck to arrive, you may feel helpless, confused, or even bored. What you are supposed to do while waiting may not seem fully clear at the time. You can, however, do things that not only pass the time but help prepare for the tow truck and keep you and your care safe so the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Move to the side, if possible.

If you can make a safe journey, move your car away from oncoming traffic and to the side. Move it as far as possible into the road’s shoulder. This not only makes for easy towing once the truck comes but keeps you and your vehicle safe while waiting.

Turn on your hazard lights.

Waiting For a TowThis will let other vehicles know that your car is not working and will allow them to see you more clearly. This is particularly an important step at night. If you do not know what the hazard icon looks like, it is a red, triangular button located next to the dashboard or steering wheel in most models.

Set up safety markers or flares around your vehicle.

After you have put on your hazard lights, check to see if the area around you is dangerous. If so, do not leave your car. If you are able to leave your car, however, set up safety cones or flares behind and in front of your vehicle. This will help other drivers steer clear of your vehicle.

Gather your belongs.

Gather any items you will want to take with you (wallet, phone, etc.) and get together any paperwork you may need. Remember to bring any vehicle insurance papers and valuable items with you.

Stay on guard.

Keep watch for oncoming traffic. If a vehicle approaches you that does not match the description of your dispatched tow truck, do not roll down the window or open your door to them. Some dishonest companies capitalize on stranded motorists and charge overpriced services; you do not know the motivation of the person in the vehicle if they are not from your towing service. It is in your best interest to watch oncoming traffic and wait.

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