When your car requires body work following a collision, one of the most important aspects of restoring it to its original, pre-accident glory is making sure the new paint and the factory paint on the rest of the body are an exact match. Paint matching is an essential component in a quality auto body repair job, but it can also sometimes prove to be the most difficult part of the entire process. Here are some things you should know about auto paint matching and how it fits into collision repair.

How Does Paint Matching Work?

Having a car that is all one color is obviously the goal when you receive body work on your vehicle. But how do the technicians go about determining the exact color that will match the rest of the car? The answer is not as clear-cut as you may have imagined. It’s not as simple as retrieving the right paint color from the auto manufacturer. Many factors are in play when matching the paint of the new replacement parts to the rest of the car. The first step is to obtain the number of the paint color used by the factory, but then your paint matching technician must play the dual role of scientist and detective to find out which variant of the color was used.

Each paint color has a number of variants. Which batch of paint was used, the manufacturing plant where the car was assembled, and other variables affect the exact color. To determine the color variant, the technician needs to rub the affected area of the paint with an abrasive paste. Next, it is polished to remove any contaminants from the surface. Last, a color matching camera is used to scan the area. It narrows down the possibilities to single out the exact variant that was used.

Paint Testing

When the tech feels that he or she has successfully determined which variant of paint color was used on your vehicle at the factory, he or she will spray it on a test card, which will then be compared to the car. In this way, the technician can confirm the accuracy of the paint match before beginning to paint your car.

All of this preparation leads up to the final, perhaps most important step, color blending. As the paint is applied to the area of repair, the tech must blend it thoroughly with the existing paint. The tech works to create a seamless, invisible join between the old and new paint on the vehicle. Much like blending foundation in with your natural skin when applying makeup, this must be done correctly to avoid any lines, streaks, or telltale seams. When done properly, color blending will result in a paint job that is imperceptible to the human eye.

Expert Paint Matching in Birmingham, AL

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