Have you been in a recent fender bender or backed into something that has caused your car’s bumper to be dented? You may be wondering what to expect with a bumper repair in Birmingham. As it turns out, the steps to repairing a bumper are the same in Birmingham as they are around the country.

Many individuals these days would rather use a bumper kit to fix their bumper rather than bringing the vehicle into a body shop to have it professionally done. While this may seem convenient, there are some dangers involved.

Because a bumper is intimately tied in with the rest of the car’s body, a simple dent may be hiding further damage to the body beneath the bumper. When a car has a collision, even simple ones like fender benders, the underlying framework may get damaged. Without professional expertise, this further damage may be difficult to see: fixing the dent in the bumper only provides a cosmetic fix to a potentially damaged framework.

Furthermore, a DIY-fix of a bumper could end up damaging it more than it was damaged in the first place. While it may seem easy to repeat what you see on commercials, the risk of further damage is pretty high.

For these reasons, you will want to take your vehicle into a professional body shop to get the bumper repaired.

How A Body Shop Will Provide Bumper Repair in Birmingham

The most important part of getting your bumper repaired by a professional is the inspection. This inspection will examine the extent of the damage to the bumper, then examine the framework beneath the bumper to see if there is any damage.

The cost of the bumper repair will depend on the extent of the damage. The costs will obviously go up if the framework is damaged and if it is, the need to have it repaired will be more immediate as this creates a more unsafe vehicle to drive in. If the bumper is heavily damaged, but the underlying framework is not, the body shop will simply remove and replace the bumper. Finally, if the damage is minimal, they will simply repair the bumper using specialized tools and techniques.