Oh no! The big dump truck in front of you on the highway just kicked a rock into your windshield, and now you’ve got a chip. What to do? Don’t panic- did you know that windshield chip repair is often 100% covered by your auto insurance provider, with no out-of-pocket cost to you? The key to saving your windshield from further damage that winds up in total windshield replacement is to get that chip fixed as soon as possible. Here are some guidelines for helping you determine the right time to get your car’s windshield repaired.

Figure out if the chip can be fixed

windshield chip

While many cracks and chips in windshield glass are able to be successfully repaired, it is sadly not always the case. To determine whether your crack can be easily repaired, conduct the dollar bill test. If the damage can fit under a dollar bill, there’s a great chance the crack can be repaired. Also, three is the magic number when it comes to windshield chips. More than three chips in your auto glass will prompt your technician to recommend a total windshield replacement instead of just a quick repair. Most importantly, the damage must not be in your line of vision, or it will be recommended that you get the entire auto glass replaced.

Find a reputable auto glass repair center– Once you’ve determined that your auto glass is repairable, the next step is to find a convenient, credible repair shop to take your car to. Be warned- not all windshield chip repair centers are created equal. Plenty of people set up kiosks in parking lots of malls or gas stations armed with a windshield repair kit and little know-how. Also, you may be tempted to purchase a DIY windshield repair kit, which has been known to be effective, but you can’t count on the results, especially if you are not experienced with fixing windshield chips. Your best bet, since it is likely going to be free to you anyway through your insurance, is to find an experienced, reliable auto glass service center, with certified technicians who are experts in fixing chips and cracks in windshield glass. The results are likely to be much better if you go this route.

Get the chip repaired ASAP– To prevent the chip or crack from spreading, make sure to get your windshield repaired at your earliest convenience. The smaller the crack, the easier the repair. It is essential that you address the problem of your windshield chip before cold weather sets in because freezing temperatures facilitate rapid spreading of windshield cracks when the glass contracts from the cold.

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