Collisions leave our vehicles looking their worst. Major aesthetic damages such as split frames cracked bumpers, and paint damages turn our vehicles from looking their best to something reminiscent of junkyard scrap. That’s where we step in.

Culminated Experience

Between our staff, we have decades of experience restoring vehicles to their former glory. If your car enters our shop after a wreck or serious damage caused by neglect, it will emerge in its prime once again. We have the knowledge, experience, and methods to attend to your vehicle’s damages quickly, thoroughly, and ensure your satisfaction through exceptional results.

Better Pricing Options

We understand the financial grievance that comes with requiring collision repair. You weren’t expecting to be in a collision, and neither were your finances. We work to give you the best possible prices to get you back on the road, and resuming your life as it was before the collision. We pride ourselves on ensuring that your vehicle looks as if it just rolled off the assembly line.

We Make it Educational

Any questions you have will be met with our personal knowledge and experience – we’ve seen it all since 1929, and want to inform you about your vehicle in the best way that we possibly can. Feel free to send us a message anytime with your questions, or to receive a quote about issues you’re facing with your vehicle.

Why Choose Sherrill Paint and Body Over Other Birmingham AL Collision Shops?

There’s a stigma on customer service in the auto body repair industry – we aim to turn that around. There are other options you could choose, but when you walk into Sherrill Paint and Body, you become part of the family. We’ve been serving the community of Birmingham for nearly ninety years – we’re dedicated to our customers, to their families, and the quality that transcends from our name to your vehicle.

Dedicated to Quality

The quality of your Birmingham AL collision shop comes down to experience and customer satisfaction. You’ll get the best fix, top-notch attention to detail, and the best customer service you’ve ever experienced from a collision shop. Get your free quote today to get started, and learn why Sherrill Paint and Body is Birmingham’s first choice.