If you have a sizeable crack running through your car’s windshield, or if there are any small pits or chips in your line of vision, you may want to look into windshield replacement. Getting your car’s windshield replaced not only improves your visibility while driving, which increases your overall safety on the road, but also instantly makes your car look newer and in better condition. While some small cracks, chips, and pits can be repaired without having to replace the whole windshield, large cracks that span the entirety of the glass or are located directly in the driver’s field of vision are not able to be repaired, and a total windshield replacement must be done. Sherrill Paint & Body is the go-to source for affordable, fast windshield replacement in Birmingham, AL that is done right the first time!

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How Long Does Windshield Replacement Take?

In most cases, a total windshield replacement doesn’t take longer than just one hour! Scheduling an appointment ahead of time is a good way to ensure you won’t have too long of a wait time before the auto glass technicians get to work on your windshield. Some windshield replacement services may take longer, depending on the windshield type and severity of damage, but most windshields are able to be replaced relatively quickly.


How Does a Windshield Get Replaced?

Your auto glass technician will have a high-quality replacement windshield for your vehicle at the ready before beginning the windshield replacement procedure. Your existing glass is first safely removed from the vehicle and set aside carefully. Then, using special suction cups, the technician will lower the new windshield into place. Finally, a special adhesive will be applied to bond the new windshield glass to your car. You will be instructed to not touch the glass or cause it to move out of place in any way. Once the adhesive has had a chance to fully dry, your new windshield will be ready to go!

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Quality Windshield Replacement in Birmingham, AL

Sherrill Paint & Body offers expert windshield replacement for all residents of Birmingham and surrounding areas. We are confident in our ability to correctly and safely install new auto glass to just about every make and model of car. Why suffer with a cracked windshield when you can come to Sherrill Paint & Body and have new windshield glass installed correctly? Call today for a windshield replacement appointment: 205-322-5684. We’re waiting to hear from you!